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Conference Trip

A trip at Sinaia will be organized on Saturday, June 23. Sinaia is the well-known Romanian mountain town, located at about 120 Km, north of Bucharest, where Carpathians mountains reach 2,500 meters altitude. In this town, there is the famous Peleş Castle, formerly the summer Royal Residence for the Romanian kings between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

The intended program for this trip is:
- Departure from Bucharest at 8.00, by bus, from the National Military Palace.
- Arriving in Sinaia at about 12.00.
- Visiting of Peleş Castle Museum, after about 15 min walking distance from the bus stop place.
- Lunch, starting at about 14.30, at a restaurant in Sinaia.
- 16.30-19.00 - Free time for visiting the center of Sinaia, Sinaia Monastery, shopping, etc.
- 19.00-21.30 - Return in Bucharest, by bus.

The participants interested for this trip must be registered in advance (by e-mail at, before the starting of the conference, or at the conference registration desk, during the conference). The number of participants is limited.

The participation fee is EUR 15 for the participants registered at the conference. This participation fee for the trip includes transportation, ticket for the visiting of the Peleş Castle and lunch.
For accompany persons the participation fee for this trip is EUR 30.