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A Cybersecurity Model for Decision-Making Problems Under Uncertainty Using Game Theory
Paul Cotae , Myong Kang and Alexander Velazquez; e-mail:

Abstract: We propose a new cybersecurity decision-making model based on game-theory and decision-making process. The proposed model allows the cyber defender to make optimal decisions by considering perceived damage, cost of potential defensive actions, and benefit to mission. We provide detailed examples and numerical results supporting our model to show how game theory can help the decision-making process for cybersecurity by focusing on situations of conflict between an attacker and a defender.

Keywords — game theory, decision-making, cybersecurity
On the Performance of Virtualised Communication Systems
Adrian Popescu; e-mail:

Abstract: The paper provides a framework for the definition and provisioning of performance in virtualised networking environments. For doing this, basic concepts and elements used in the performance provision in non-SDN/NFV networking environments are used. Based on that, adequate performance frameworks can be defined, including relevant metrics and models, to be used in the development, deployment and operation of future Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation (SDN/NFV) environments.

Key words - Virtualised Environments, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualisation, standards, architectural framework